Miguel Sánchez Mosquera

Borghia Valencia

commercial photography

In collaboration with Borghia Valencia, I undertook a specialized photographic project with the primary focus of capturing the distinctive essence of their fabric offerings. Employing meticulous composition and lighting techniques, each photograph serves as a visual testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and quality that are synonymous with Borghia’s textiles.

The objective was unambiguous: to present these fabrics in a manner that surpasses mere representation. Through the application of bodegón-style setups, we infused each image with a profound sense of artistry and sophistication. This methodology enabled us to convey not only the tactile attributes of the fabrics, but also their aesthetic potential when integrated into a diverse range of design contexts.

This project offers Borghia Valencia’s clients an immersive visual journey, allowing them to scrutinize the intricate details, textures, and color palettes that define each variant. This collection of textile portraits transcends the traditional confines of a catalog; it stands as a testament to Borghia’s unwavering commitment to furnishing clients with fabrics distinguished by unrivaled quality and design adaptability.

In the presentation of these photographs, our objective is to facilitate a comprehensive and enlightening experience for Borghia’s discerning clientele, aiding them in making well-informed decisions for their customized design endeavors. These images encapsulate the ethos of Borghia Valencia, wherein each fabric is a masterpiece awaiting its place in the spaces of those who possess an appreciation for exceptional quality and timeless elegance.

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