Miguel Sánchez Mosquera
Nº Φ

Nº. Au

An approach to the golden ratio

My photographic project is titled «N° Au:». Inspired by the fascinating golden ratio, also known as the golden number, this series of images captures the intricate harmony present in nature, manifesting in animals, plants, minerals, and more, within the picturesque setting of the Valencia Botanical Garden.

The choice of the name «Au» comes from an interesting duality. On one hand, it represents the chemical symbol of gold on the periodic table, establishing a connection between the mathematical beauty of the golden ratio and the valuable essence of this element. On the other hand, this abbreviation alludes to the deconceptualization of the golden ratio, in harmony with the essence of my project. Just as the divine proportion is sometimes distorted in the natural reality, my artistic focus seeks to reveal both perfection and distortion in a unique visual dance.

Through my lens, I will explore how the golden ratio, in its various interpretations, manifests in the Valencia Botanical Garden. Each photograph captures moments where the golden proportion is evident, as well as those in which its presence seems to fade away. This artistic exploration not only honors the mysterious mathematics of nature but also questions the perception and appreciation of beauty in unexpected contexts.

«N° AU» invites viewers to contemplate the interconnection between science, aesthetics, and the unpredictable expression of nature through a unique and emotive perspective.

Teacher: Eduardo García Nieto at LABA Valencia School of Art Design & New Media


Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Valencia


Miguel Sánchez Mosquera


Canon EOS R with Canon 70mm-30mm lens

Flash Canon Speedlite 550 EX


Karl Blossfeldt, Antonio José de Cavanilles and Nick Knight (Flora series)

1996-2023 © Miguel Sánchez Mosquera