Miguel Sánchez Mosquera
C. Catwalk

Contrast Catwalk

fashion film

Introducing “Contrast Catwalk,” a captivating fashion film meticulously created by Clara Herrero Dolz and Miguel Sánchez Mosquera. Set against the striking backdrop of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, this monochromatic piece is a testament to the power of light, shadow, and contrast.

In this avant-garde production, we embark on a visual journey where architecture seamlessly intertwines with high fashion. The imposing structures of the City of Arts and Sciences serve as both canvas and collaborator, their angular lines and futuristic aesthetic providing a mesmerizing contrast to the fluidity of the garments featured.

Through the lens, Dolz and Mosquera skillfully play with the interplay of light and shadow. Every frame is a carefully composed tableau, where chiaroscuro techniques lend depth and drama to each ensemble, revealing intricate details and textures in a dance of contrasts.

Model: Carmen Herrero Dolz

Photography direction: Miguel Sánchez Mosquera

Art direction: Clara Herrero Dolz

Clothing: COS

YouTube: https://youtu.be/CbUeNxdfoU8

Contrast Catwalk

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