Miguel Sánchez Mosquera


analogic, photography

Allow me to introduce my analog photography project titled «**23.» Through this venture, I aim to transport viewers to an intriguing juncture where two cities, Valencia and Florence, intersect in a timeless monochrome narrative. The year is 2023, yet the images captured evoke a distinct sensation of yesteryears, defying the chronological constraints of the present.

With a fascination for the transformative power of monochromatic imagery, I embarked on a journey to blend the modernity of two distinct urban landscapes with the nostalgic aesthetic of black and white photography. Valencia and Florence, cities pulsating with life and history, become the canvas upon which I weave this photographic story.

As an artist, my intent is to challenge temporal expectations and bring forth a new perspective. By stripping away the color palette that often anchors us to the present, I invite the audience to engage with the essence of these cities beyond the constraints of the contemporary world. The absence of color grants an air of timelessness to the scenes, encouraging viewers to delve into the stories that unfold within each frame.

This project, **23, serves as a visual exploration of the interplay between past and present, tradition and modernity. The urban landscapes of Valencia and Florence are imbued with a certain ambiguity that invites contemplation. Through each photograph, I hope to blur the boundaries between eras, inviting observers to lose themselves in the narratives captured within these monochromatic frames.

Join me on this journey through time and space as I present **23, a homage to the cities of Valencia and Florence, reframed in the enigmatic allure of black and white photography.


Valencia City and Florence City


Miguel Sánchez Mosquera


Canon E-1 program with 50mm f/1.8 lens


My father mainly

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