Miguel Sánchez Mosquera

First prize LADENAC Milano photography contest 2022

Commercial Photography

Last November, Mr. D. Patrick Douenat, Manager of Vila Hermanos and Ladenac Milano, and Mrs. María Del Carmen Arnau, Director of Administration and Finance, introduced us to the LADENAC Milano Photography Contest 2022 for students of the BA (HONS) Photography and Video program at LABA Valencia.

This initiative aims to serve as a springboard for young creatives.

Necessarily, we face a multitude of forms, lines, textures, colors, etc. Capturing all that information in a single image and reducing it to the essential. The goal is to refine the photo to focus on the subject. The contest revolves around images that reflect the elegance of the materials that dress their aromas, the quality of the natural ingredients that nourish their (olfactory) notes, and the sensations and experiences that each collection narrates.

On Thursday, February 23rd, at 5 o’clock in the evening, we will hold the awards ceremony at the Umbracle of LABA Valencia:

FIRST PRIZE: €1,500 (Miguel Sánchez Mosquera & Clara Herrero Dolz)



Best Photo Award: €500.



art direction

Clara Herrero Dolz


Miguel Sánchez Mosquera


Miguel Sánchez Mosquera

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