Miguel Sánchez Mosquera
Mago Libre

El Mago Libre Estudio Valencia

Art, product Photography

I would like to present the latest photographic project I have completed for El Mago Libre Estudio, a workshop specialising in the creation of sculptures using various materials such as plaster and fibreglass, based on moulds from different parts of the human body.

The project involved capturing 4 to 5 photographs of approximately 80 products, amounting to a total of nearly 400 images. It is important to note that my work focused exclusively on taking the photographs, without including their subsequent editing. To carry out this task, I used a large lightbox where I placed the sculptures, employing different lighting techniques to highlight their unique features.

With a white background, I used an overhead light to achieve even illumination, while with a black background, I opted for side lighting to create greater contrast between the object and the background. Additionally, for the more transparent sculptures, I incorporated backlighting to highlight their translucent qualities and internal details.

The complete process of taking the photographs took me approximately 8 hours. Each image was captured with the aim of showcasing the intrinsic beauty of the sculptures, with the clear intention of promoting their sale both on social media and the studio’s website. This project has been a gratifying experience, as it is the first time I have worked with art pieces, and the result has exceeded my expectations.

I am deeply grateful for the trust placed in me to carry out this work.

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