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Biblioteca Rialeda

Libro Poesías da Natureza

It is with great joy that I present the book “Poesía da natureza,” a work I have had the honour of designing and photographing for the Rialeda Library in Oleiros. This book is not only a tribute to the impressive architecture of the library but also a celebration of the natural diversity that surrounds it.

In “Poesía da natureza,” readers will be transported to a world where the majesty of trees from all corners of the globe harmoniously blends with the elegance of the library. Each page has been carefully designed to capture the essence of this unique place, showcasing not only the tree species that adorn the garden but also the architectural profiles that make the Rialeda Library a special haven of knowledge and beauty.

The texts accompanying the images were created by Josefina Mosquera Roel, whose sensitivity and literary talent add a poetic dimension to this work. Additionally, María Luz Corral collaborated in the search for and selection of various poems by Galician artists, enriching the content with the voice and spirit of our land.

The aim of this work is twofold: to inform the community about the rich variety of trees that grace our garden and, at the same time, to invite everyone to discover the serenity and splendour of the library. I hope this book inspires many to visit the Rialeda Library, to marvel at its landscapes, and to appreciate the connection between nature and culture that pervades it.

Welcome to “Poesía da natureza,” a visual and poetic journey through one of the most beautiful treasures of Oleiros.

LINK TO EBOOK: https://www.oleiros.org/documents/39407/6dd5a1e5-85fd-1fbf-c508-6e8f625551cb

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