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  • Macy’s

    Macy's: The perfect dream Commercial Photography I am pleased to introduce "The Perfect Dream," a captivating fusion of jewelry and nature that will leave you breathless. Envision immersing yourself in a realm of elegance and beauty, where precious jewelry pieces come to life within a unique setting. This meticulous selection of dazzling jewels intertwines with [...]

    16 de September de 2023

  • FREE

    Free to be me nude photography This project created at LABA Valencia in 2023, addresses the concept of fragile masculinity, a notion that challenges the conventional perspective linking masculinity with strength, dominance, and the absence of vulnerability. The photographer delves into this idea by donning various garments that represent both masculine and feminine archetypes. Primarily, [...]

    16 de September de 2023

  • 90’S REWIND

    90's Rewind editorial, photography This session captures the essence of the 1990s, drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of iconic editorial shoots, such as those seen in Thrasher Magazine. Our aim is to immortalize the fearless attitude and vibrant energy of that decade through fashion and style. The 1990s were a time of rebellion, hip-hop, and [...]

    16 de September de 2023

  • **23

    **23 analogic, photography Allow me to introduce my analog photography project titled "**23." Through this venture, I aim to transport viewers to an intriguing juncture where two cities, Valencia and Florence, intersect in a timeless monochrome narrative. The year is 2023, yet the images captured evoke a distinct sensation of yesteryears, defying the chronological constraints [...]

    13 de July de 2023


    First prize LADENAC Milano photography contest 2022 Commercial Photography Last November, Mr. D. Patrick Douenat, Manager of Vila Hermanos and Ladenac Milano, and Mrs. María Del Carmen Arnau, Director of Administration and Finance, introduced us to the LADENAC Milano Photography Contest 2022 for students of the BA (HONS) Photography and Video program at LABA Valencia. [...]

    5 de January de 2023

  • Borghia

    Borghia Valencia commercial photography In collaboration with Borghia Valencia, I undertook a specialized photographic project with the primary focus of capturing the distinctive essence of their fabric offerings. Employing meticulous composition and lighting techniques, each photograph serves as a visual testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and quality that are synonymous with Borghia's textiles. The objective [...]

    20 de September de 2021

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